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Troubleshooting_calibration_and_defects_repair.jpgIf a device requires troubleshooting or calibration, we can handle it. SimHelp has the proficiency in all Full Flight Simulator subsystems; starting from avionics, ending with the motion system. Long term defects are being investigated and fixed by the experienced simulator engineers to provide full training power of your simulators as soon as possible.

Each Full Flight Simulator has a certain period of time when it runs smoothly. However, there comes a time when simulator starts to throw a variety of tricks. Whether it happened by a mistake of engineer or due to the changes carried out with the training device to improve its performance, it is not so important. More importantly is to quickly find the problem and properly eliminate it!

One of the mistakes we spot regarding the failures of FFS is trying to handle all the repair operations “on our own”. This solution seems to be the most appropriate for one reason – it almost does not include any costs. However, after a certain period of time it might be realized being unable to fix the problem and in the end, due to the tight deadlines,  first got specialists invited to fix the system as soon as possible leads to even greater costs. To avoid that, SimHelp has a distributed network of carefully selected specific partners located in more than 10 countries to help you in an urgent breakdown.

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Aviation Training Center of Tunisia would like to express our satisfactory regarding the support services provided by Baltica Aviation Academy such as reliability in repair services and the wide range of spares available for our simulators.

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