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Parts Repair & Supply

The availability of spare parts is a key element to reduce flight simulator downtime during its failure. Have you ever encountered a problem when searching for a reliable Full Flight Simulator parts repair and supply service provider? Or maybe the organizations that you contacted did not meet your expectations? If you are tired of waiting for a long-lasting repair process and suffering from Full Flight Simulators downtimes, SimHelp might be the right choice.

Our organization provides cost-effective repairs of many types of electronic devices. Our technicians have many years of experience in repairing devices to component level and are able to support different technology products manufactured from the early 1970's right up until today. Our repair network provides repairs that meet original equipment specifications.

In order to ensure an economical rationale and cost-effectiveness, different options available:

  • Spare parts supplysimple supply of requested spare part.
  • Spare parts repairfailed part is sent by the customer to SimHelp and upon receipt, evaluated and repaired.
  • Spare parts exchangefailed part is sent by the customer to SimHelp and operating part is sent back as an exchange (the main advantage of exchange is that there is no repair lead time together with the decreased costs). 
  • Spare parts advanced exchangein this case exchanged part is being sent in advance before the failed part is received by SimHelp from the customer.

All of the repaired or supplied parts have a guarantee:

  • Starting from 90 days for repaired parts.
  • Starting from 6 months for new parts.

The following flight simulator system parts are supported by SimHelp: 

  • Host Computer
  • Visual System
  • Motion and Control Loading
  • Instructor Operating Station
  • Simulated Avionics
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Other peripheral devices


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