Other Upgrades

SimHelp provides Other Systems Upgrades listed below:


Electronic Quality Test Guide (eQTG) System


The SimHelp eQTG system captures data from the flight simulator during the execution of the JAA / FAA standard test suite.  The data are typically captured at 30Hz and displayed in graphical format in real time.

When the test is completed, the test operator can review the results and then send the results to a color printer.

The results show the manufacturers data together with the simulator performance data. The results are available in hard copy, Postscript and PDF formats.

The eQTG system runs on a PC which is connected to the simulator's host computer via an Ethernet link.

Please download PDF example

Software Setup & Updates

Various Software setups and Upgrades will help to keep your system updated which will automatically increase the most potential capabilities of your simulator. SimHelp can provide the most common and other custom Software setups and Updates to your simulator.

Engineer's Notes

Read the latest stories from the simulation engineer's daily life at the full flight simulator training centre!

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