Simulator facility design


With the new training centre facility being established, the considerable amount of attention has to be paid to the construction of the building. Professionally designed premises significantly reduce the risk of unforeseen circumstances, ensure safety of all occupants and increase practical value.

SimHelp has a sufficient knowledge and experience background in this area. Buildings, designed by our organization professionals are safe, practical and modern. 

There are number of factors and procedures that must be considered while designing building for the flight simulators installation such as:

Direction of the building 

Simulator gates and convenient access 

Engineering and utility network 

Simulator’s pad

Layout and size of the rooms (including host computer room, hydraulic pump unit, stock room, (de)briefing rooms, office  and other rooms)

Buildings designed considering the criterions mentioned above may significantly influence the overall building’s practical value and economical efficiency. By combining all of them, the maximum efficiency can be achieved.

SimHelp is prepared to create you a training centre with the highest efficiency!


Engineer's Notes

Read the latest stories from the simulation engineer's daily life at the full flight simulator training centre!

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